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Radiator AW16 Press Day Ed Hardy & Starter Sport

Radiator hosted their AW16 Press Day at The New Hoxton Gallery on Old Street on the 5th and 6th of April 2016, as part of the East London Press Days.

They presented the Ed Hardy collaborations with Illustrated People, MC2 Saint Barth, Benjamins and Starter Black Label.

“Oh My God I love Ed Hardy so happy to see it back.”

Sid Magazine


“I thought Ed Hardy was long gone, but I LOVE these collaborations and they’re going to go far.”

Mung Wai Wong, Blogger

“I love that Ed Hardy Has collaborated with such cool brands .”


“I will defo be in contact with you regarding Ed Hardy X IP.”


“That’s a great collaboration for Ed hardy and Illustrated People.”


“I'm definitely pulling the baby blue tie crop top for my shoot with fresh habits love it.”

Claudia Walder



They also introduced the Starter Sport Collection.


“Starter always a winner.”

Mung Wai Wong, Blogger

“The starter water proof jackets are amazing, I really want to use these for a shoot coming up.”

Joe Toronka

“I really like how starter has mixed streetwear and sports technology.”

John Jarrett, Individualism

“I like this brand so much, I always call it in for my shoots - pleased to see Starter is making a come back.”

Rickardo Maxwell, Freelance Stylist

“We're always writing about clothing that can work for mens and womens so Starter feels totally appropriate for what we like to cover."

Co-Founder, UnisexMode

“ Great Festival Pieces would love to pull some in for my festival round up.”

Viper Mag



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