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TLC Inks Deals to Re-Launch Ed Hardy

Illustrated People and Starter Black Label among the lifestyle label's new partners.

TLC, in partnership with Iconix Europe, has secured a number of collaborations for Ed Hardy to help re-introduce the brand to the market.

The new Ed Hardy partnerships will include:

  • Illustrated People for women’s apparel,

  • MC2 St Barth for swimwear,

  • Starter Black Label for caps, and

  • Benjamin’s for iPhone covers.

All of the new collaborations will incorporate the Japanese tattoo aesthetics of the classic Ed Hardy style, while showcasing an new direction for the brand with a relaxed style, fresh creativity and freedom of expression.

“These are exciting partnerships for us and a great way to introduce Ed Hardy back into the market,” says Angela Farrugia, managing director, Iconix Europe. “The growth of brand collaborations has given Ed Hardy a platform upon which to re-educate the consumer.”

All of the collaborations are available now at directional independents and high-reaching department stores throughout Europe. The Ed Hardy x Illustrated People line was one of Illustrated People’s key partnerships for 2016. The collaboration launched straight into Topshop Oxford Circus and online.

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