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Madonna's Material Girl brand unveils fall marketing campaign & first episode of StyleHaul d

MG Icon, the joint venture between Iconix Brand Group, Inc., Guy Oseary and Madonna unveiled today Material Girl’s fall marketing campaign featuring the brand’s first ever Fashion Director, Pia Mia. The recording artist and fashion trendsetter also stars in an original StyleHaul docuseries launching today, which follows Pia’s journey as a Material Girl, both personally and professionally. The fall collection was styled by Pia Mia and shot at the iconic Madonna Inn in San Luis Obispo, CA. It will be available this week exclusively at Macy’s and to celebrate the back-to-school shopping season.

Pia Mia, who has found inspiration in Madonna’s daring fashion choices, said, “I am thrilled and humbled to have been selected by Madonna to be a part of Material Girl. To be associated with the icon and legend that she is, is a true honor. I love working with Material Girl and being a part of something Madonna created,” said Pia Mia.

The pint-sized fashionista has undoubtedly left her mark on the fall ads, infusing her distinct sense of style into the images by pairing the newest Material Girl silhouettes with her signature fishnet tights and bandana, accessorized further with a sparkly custom grill that peeks out when she smiles.

Commenting on the partnership, Pia Mia stated, “Working with Material Girl has been an opportunity to be involved in all aspects of the line – helping to formulate a direction and a vibe, to have my voice heard and my vision seen. For the fall campaign, I styled and accessorized the collection, choose the photographer and decide which rooms at the Madonna Inn to utilize for which outfits. It’s important to me for everything I do to be true to who I am and I feel like this campaign is definitely that.”

The striking campaign imagery, shot by Solmaz Saberi, is cheeky while packing a serious fashion punch. In one look, Pia is captured tipped over in a chair adorned in a baby doll gray dress with Mary Jane heels and socks, but in another, she is in a body suit paired with a grommet hemmed denim skirt. The starlet was also photographed in the Material Girl Active collection on a pink and blue tennis court, which Pia Mia found to be especially “dope.”

“Pia Mia is the ultimate Material Girl – her confidence and trend-ˇsetting style shine through in the new campaign and take Material Girl to new heights” said Carolyn D’Angelo, EVP of Brand Management and Marketing Services at Iconix Brand Group, Inc. “Pia is authentic to and engaged with the brand in every way, and we’re excited to continue to collaborate her,” she continued.

StyleHaul will launch the first episode of its Material Girl series with Pia Mia today to coincide with the campaign. Each episode will be “shoppable” and include a link to “Pia’s Picks,” a curated collection of Pia Mia’s favorite Material Girl items available on in the USA. StyleHaul produced the series, which will give fans a peak into the unfiltered world of Pia Mia, following her as she takes on her newly-minted role of Material Girl’s Fashion Director, rehearses for upcoming performances, eats out with friends, hits the gym and more. Material Girl, Pia Mia and StyleHaul will use their combined social media reach of 500M+ to support the series and showcase the brand’s designs.

“Pia Mia has emerged as a major trend-setter, fashion risk-taker, and social media influencer so this collaboration was a natural fit for StyleHaul,” said Mia Goldwyn, Chief Content Officer of StyleHaul. “We are excited to share Pia's story and talent as a musician and fashion influencer and to be a part of the incredible brand that Madonna created with Material Girl.”

“Pia Mia is incredibly talented and has a unique style that embodies self-ˇconfidence and individuality,” said Cassandra Jones, senior vice president, Macy’s Fashion Office in the USA. “She is the quintessential Material Girl, and we are thrilled to offer her eye-ˇcatching aesthetic and radiant energy to Macy’s customers.”

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